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A Singapore Office Reinstatement Checklist

Reinstatement of an office poses many challenges. You have a short time frame to complete all processes. Depending on your lease conditions, additional work may be necessary.

It is best to hire trustworthy office reinstatement services in Singapore. You may still want to do some planning. A checklist for office restoration will help you track progress and assess the scope of work required.

A Basic Singapore Office Reinstatement Checklist

Although there are many renovations that will be required, the majority of office reinstatement can be completed following this checklist.

All temporary fixtures must be removed. You will be able to return to the original condition of the building and can do more extensive renovations if necessary.

Removal of all temporary fixtures: all the stuff you added to the office needs to go first. This way, you will go back to the original state of the premise and you’ll get to execute more extensive renovation works upon necessity.

Removal of electrical components: this one doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Electrical components that you added to the venue need to go before hacking commences. That’s a safety procedure you need to complete early on.

Removal of partitions: if you’ve added some masonry work or additional partitions to the office, these will have to go. Hacking work will obviously be involved, which is why this happens to be one of the first processes you need to plan and execute.

Restoration of original components: did you do modifications to the original plumbing plan? How about the HVAC system, safety fixtures, lights, fans, etc.? All of these need to be returned to their original positions and original condition. Floor plans and other diagrams will be very helpful for the completion of this step. Do dig out all documentation that can be helpful in advance.

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